Psychosocial counseling

From difficult situations arise unimagined possibilities!

Changes in life or too great burdens can lead to stress, difficulties in relationships and at work. It may seem likte there is no way out. Every human being experiences such phases now and then. Psychological counseling is there to develop new perspectives and wishes. To do so, I work with systemic views, strain release tecniques and creative methods. Relaxation is a great support during stressful times, so I offer Craniosacral Balancing and Singing Bowl Relaxation.

Eva Ruth, Vienna and Pernitz, Lower Austria

It’s about

  • trengthening your own powers,
  • letting go for something new
  • discovering new desires and ideas and implementing them
  • relaxing and rechargeing with craniosacral biodynamics or wonderful sounds

Personal counseling in Pernitz and Vienna

As a psychological counselor I am by your side in Pernitz (Lower Austria) and Vienna:

  • Accompany changes
  • discover your own resources
  • stop smoking
  • stress management and burnout prevention
  • find new eating habits
  • relationship advice
  • psychosomatic – find and solve backgrounds
  • strengthen your own resources

Important aids in resource work are:

  • mindfulness exercises for body, mind and soul
  • journeys to your fantasy that leads to strengths
  • systemic setups to gain the power of the entire system

Discover your strengths in Piestingtal and Vienna in a one-to-one interview in private or in a group, information can be found under Dates.

My services as a human energetic are craniosacral biodynamic and relaxation with singing bowls.

Do you have any questions?

Call me or send me an e-mail, I’m here for you.
Tel .: 0699/1177 3696


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