Craniosacral biodynamic

The rhythms of our body determine the flows of life force up to the distribution of nutrients. Craniosacral Biodynamics focuses attention on energetic and rhythmic processes in human energetics. Mindfulness and empathy with changes that are taking place right now will make it possible to balance and release energy blocks.

Craniosacral application for deep relaxation

In our body constantly different rhythms flow together. Touching them and paying close attention to them usually leads to deep relaxation, the whole body and soul feel understood and supported. Getting to know the rhythms of one’s own body promotes the necessary balance, especially in stressful times.

Use inner information

In our body information for optimal vitality is available. Imbalances can occur when different influences or life experiences contradict the original plan. In Craniosacral Balancing the goal is to address and stimulate the wisdom of the body on the informational level.

Regulation by balance

Craniosacral Biodynamics therefore serve to rebalance processes that have become out of balance. In doing so, the deep level of information of the body and the soul, which still knows health, has its say.

The rhythms of the body

Deep relaxation can put both body and mind in a position to find new solutions and initiate self-healing processes. Call me to make an appointment in Vienna or Pernitz / Feichtenbach (Lower Austria).

Appointment Craniosacral Biodynamics in Vienna and Pernitz, Feichtenbach:
Eva Ruth
Tel .: 0699 1177 3696

Address Cranio applications in Vienna and Lower Austria:

Geyerstrasse 20
2763 Feichtenbach (Pernitz)

Clementinengasse 24/1/18
1150 Vienna (near U6 station Gumpendorfer Straße or 52er and 58er Kranzgasse)

Signing off:
Individual deadlines can be canceled 48 hours before the meeting. After this time, the price of the individual session will be charged.

Demarcation psychotherapy and medicine
Safte touch with craniosacral techniques can not replace medical treatment or psychotherapy or psychological counseling. Gentle contact with craniosacral techniques can provide impulses for self-healing and support different forms of therapy.
Currently in intensive course craniosacral biodynamics.