Singing Bowl Massaging

Singing bowls bring the energy in the whole body in a very delicate vibration. Like a quiet brook, the energies of sounds flow through every cell. The tender sounds relax the mind within a short time and lead away from the usual thought carousel. I offer singing bowl massage as a human energetic, this is not to be compared with the usual massage-techniques. Singing Bowls will be placed gently on your back, you enjoy the soft sounds and vibrations and glide into deep relaxation.

Sound application with singing bowls in Vienna

You lie comfortably on your stomach or on your back and do not need to do anything but enjoy the sounds and light vibrations. Many people dive into deep relaxation within a short time or even doze off a bit.

Wisdom from singing bowls

Appointment Relaxation with singing bowls in Vienna and Pernitz, Feichtenbach:
Eva Ruth
Tel .: 0699 1177 3696

Addresses sound applications in Vienna and Lower Austria:
Geyerstrasse 20
2763 Feichtenbach (Pernitz)

Clementinengasse 24/1/18
1150 Vienna (near U6 station Gumpendorfer Stra├če or 52er and 58er Kranzgasse)

Signing off:
Individual deadlines can be canceled 48 hours before the meeting. After this time, the price of the individual session will be charged.

Demarcation psychotherapy and medicine
Singing bowls can not replace medical treatment or psychotherapy and psychological counseling. The gentle sound application can provide impulses for self-healing and therefore support different forms of therapy.